Car Insurance for Teenagers

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Car Insurance for Teenagers

Parents who purchase car insurance for teenagers have complained that these covers are brutally expensive. This is because most insurers believe accidents are likely to occur as most teenagers don’t have much road experience. Motor vehicle cover is very important as they cover drivers from many unforeseen risks. Uninsured risks can result in grave losses. Most Governments require car users to have certain types of insurance.


Teenagers getting Insurance

Teenagers who drive need to be insured like other drivers. Teenage drivers are more likely to cause accidents, especially if they don’t have enough road experience. Here are some reasons why it is important to buy car policies for teenagers:

  • Coverage for other people’s property- There has been cases where accidents have destroyed people’s property. Insurance policies cover costs of damaged properties caused by the insured car.
  • Health Cover- Some accidents can be fatal when they occur. There are some motor vehicle policies that cover any form of injury incurred during an accident.
  • Car repair- There are some car insurance policies that cover all forms of repairs on the car incurred during accidents. This can go to an extent of replacing the entire vehicle.

These are just some of the reasons why you need to get car cover for your teenagers. We all know that insurers charge very high rates for teenagers who are looking to buy covers. Here are some tips that will help you get cheaper rates:

    • Picking one of the cheapest cars- These vary in terms of premium rates. There are those that are very expensive to secure. Buying cheap cars for your adolescents can help secure affordable rates.
    • Black box policy- Black box policies are small devices or application used to monitor both driving behavior and monitoring usage. Most insurers impose high premium rates on teenagers because they don’t have enough experience on the road. If the black box indicates that the covered teenagers are driving safely and according to the law, their premium rates are likely to reduce.

  • Paying per year not monthly-It doesn’t matter which car insurance quote you go for. This criterion applies to all insurers. Premium rates are cheaper for those who pay premiums per year compared to those who pay monthly rates.
  • Increasing your excess- This technique is commonly used by those who are seeking cheap covers for their children. When a person pays an excess fee on top of the compulsory fee. This can significantly reduce the cost of your teenager cover.
  • Types of car insurance- There are different motor vehicles covers that a person can choose for his/her car. It is therefore important to choose a policy that not only covers the risks you need but is also affordable.
  • Adding a named driver- A named insurance policy is where a qualified or rather experienced driver names a younger driver on his/her cover. This is a guarantee that the covered teenager will get a cheap policy.
  • Securing multiple policies with the same Company- Most insurers’ reward their most loyal clients in various ways. Loyal customers can be the ones who have secured their various motor covers for a long period or those that insured multiple risks with the same Insurer. Such customers are rewarded with a reduction in their premium rates and other awards.

Young Driver’s Insurance

There are various methods that teenagers or their parents can use to get affordable car insurance. A person can seek insurance in two ways, namely insurance brokers and ask for referrals.

Brokers are experts who are trained to help clients get cheap insurance policies. Brokers ask for quotes from different insurers. They will then go through these quotes and advise their clients on the best car insurance quote to go for.

Here are other functions of brokers to young drivers:

  • Ensuring they get cheap cover
  • Guiding them through the selected motor policy
  • Ensuring they get compensated in case risks occur

Young drivers who are not using brokers can use the following criteria when looking for Insurance agencies with the best rates and policies:

  • Experience– It is important to check how long the insurer has been in the industry. This is because they have been cases of new emerging companies who are just after clients’ money. Most experienced Companies are genuine.
  • Reputation– Young drivers are advised to look for Insurance agencies that have a perfect reputation when it comes to paying out covered risks. There have been many cases where some insurers refuse to pay out the cost of damages incurred.
  • Policy-As earlier stated, there are different types of motor cover a person can choose from. Different agencies cover different policies. It is advisable that a person chooses an agency that offers the intended options.
  • Price– This criterion is very important as it determines the type of insurers to choose. Different agencies charge different premium rates for their various motor policies. Young drivers or their parents should choose insurers they comfortably afford without straining.
  • The size of the Company– The size of the insurance Company matters a lot as it gives someone the confidence that they can rely on the insurer to cover their damages in case of risks occur.

All car insurance policies for adolescents have certain rules and regulations. Rules and regulations determine if the policy is friendly and affordable or not. All policies contain the amount of premium a person is supposed to pay after a certain interval. That’s not all; they also guide policyholders on the events which insurers will not cover the secured risks.

Insurance companies pay for risks that are only accidental. It is therefore up to the insured teenagers to prove their accidents were accidental. An insurance policy also highlights the procedure a young driver can use to terminate his/her insurance premium. This should be only if he/she has found better rates for their motor cover.

Getting motor cover for teenagers isn’t as hard as most people tend to think. Kindly follow the above guidelines to get the most affordable rates for your teenager.



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